New blogs? Again? MissInfiniti?
Posted Thursday, 30 July 2015 // 03:38

Pada 6;16 30/7/2015 blog ini dihasilkan menggunakan komputer riba berjenama Asus. This is my em 1,2,3,4 maybe 5 blog. Why i hv a lot of blog? i dont think you can solve my problem because im kind of obsess with new blog! Btw you can call me MissInfiniti! bcs you cant count my blog HAHAHAHA its a joke comeon guys gelak lah xD

So, basically this blog is my story, my diy, my routine care, my school life, my makeup (lol i dont think so bcs im not good in makeup) boleh tu boleh la but dont ask me about eyebrow tutorial bcs my eyebrow is cantum so i cant draw my eyebrow, also my tips to be a succesfull girl lol nooo im serious!

Ini blog yg ke 4/5 but i cant think about my intro harhar, #mohonjanganbash

Wanna know bout me? hm, im a little kid with a big brain lol jkjk. ahah, with big dream~ my weight is 45 something and im about 156cm. School? oh comeon i cant tell it huhu

I think thats all, em what do you think>? jangan lah diam guys kemon menyuarakan diri hello?


Hah, also im kind of obesesss with song i means engl song also dandut one ohgod such a beautifull life with a good playlist lol aku dah start merepek dah dah em tkde pape dah kan?

Oh yaa guys stay tuned bcs i akan post Tips To Good In English or in other word Nak Lulus Bi?


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